Thursday, 23 May 2013

The normal update

I felt it was time once again to do a catch up on what has been going on in the lives of the Singlegirl blog.
Let’s start with Dana. So I think the last time I mentioned her she was having doubts about her relationship and whether it was what she wanted. Well she went on holiday with Mr Club (he is the manager of a nightclub) and it seems the spark came back. The last I heard from her all was going well. How long for I do not know. I do really want her to settle I just do not know if she has it in her.
Next there is Melissa, well as you know she has left me for a greater life. Ok not so much but she has gone travelling which is great. As for any men in her life, there isn’t anyone at the moment but certainly a lot of people she likes to have fantasy lives with. As long as she doesn’t get too caught up in it all then it is all good. I am sure she will get to have lots of fun “out on the road”.
Then there is Olivia. I really cannot remember what I last told you about her so apologise if I repeat things. She was seeing “in secret” a guy we both know but that has ended which I am thankful about as I think he was just leading her on. She ended things I think or more to the point stopped contacting him. Otherwise she is just working and saving so she can head off travelling again soon. There is one thing I forget to tell you all. We are going on holiday. Yay! That’s Olivia and me, not you guys and me J. We are heading off to sunny old Spain for a few days in about a month. I cannot wait and working my backside off in the gym to try and get some sort of bikini body ready.
Then I suppose I could update you with what is going on with me (not that you don’t know most of it). Well let’s see, Hotel boy has actually just stopped talking to me. No reason what so ever and things were fine but he literally just stopped replying to my messages. I am not sure if that is an age thing (he is young) or if all guys would just not reply. I think they need to realise that girls can take what you need to tell them and it actually makes it easier. Anyway I have said it before and I will say it again. His loss!
Also as I said I have booked a holiday with Olivia so whilst I am working away from home I am spending a lot of time in the gym and trying very hard to not drink any alcohol. I have also found somewhere new to live. It is with a couple of girls close to my work which is pretty exciting. Hopefully we all get on well and it is a nice place to live. I am only doing it for 6 months as I am determined to get myself to Australia at the end of the year.
You will also be surprised to hear that I have not had sex in a whole month. This has been completely my own choice and a challenge Melissa and I set. It also isn’t like I haven’t had the opportunity because I have; I just decided to give men a break for a while. Now I think it is time to get back on that horse J

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