Monday, 3 December 2012

I love weekends away!

Sorry once again guys for my lack of blog update. It has been crazy here with Christmas pressie buying and packing for trips. None of which have been bad things J

Last week pretty much went by in a blur. I went to the cinema with Mr FWB on Wednesday which was fine. Film was good and it was just a comfortable easy night.

Thursday I went out for a work Christmas dinner. It was nice because it was free J. I managed to resist the temptation of heading into town for drinks with everyone else and actually went home to get a fairly early night ready for the excitement of Friday


So for anyone who hasn’t been to Rome it is a lovely place. There is so much to see and do and with only a couple of days there we seriously went at it with all we had. We saw the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps and The Trevi fountain. We saw other bits and bobs on route as well but these were the main ones we wanted to see.

It is a strange place as they have these wonderful sights but they are sat on a roundabout or at the end of a shopping street. It didn’t take away from how great they were but it is a shame they haven’t preserved the areas a little more and refrained from building around them.

I had a great time with my Sister and we pretty much spent the whole weekend laughing and drinking wine. What more could you ask for!

Yesterday I got home and started preparing the house for the Christmas decorations. Tomorrow night Melissa and myself are going to put up the tree together. Then the place will really feel Christmassy J

I have quite a lot planned this week but so I actually blog more than once a week I will provide another update on Wednesday! I may even have a saucy story or two to tell!


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