Friday, 28 December 2012

Where to start?

Well as I posted yesterday I have been very busy recently. Firstly I will start with telling you about my holiday.

It was brilliant!

My family and I had a great time seeing different bits of America and it actually made me feel a little bit like I was travelling again. We stayed in some lovely places and I even got to go horse riding. Not doing that again! There wasn’t really any dramas except I suppose when we got a flat tyre whilst in the middle of nowhere and had to race against time before the air completely ran out. My Dad also proceeded to lose his glasses out the window whilst trying to check the tyre and an emergency stop and race back had to be arranged so we could collect them again.

Las Vegas was a lot of fun however I didn’t win the millions I was hoping for. My friend who I shared a room with was a complete gentleman and there was no awkwardness at all which was good. My parents 40th wedding ceremony went without any issues and the whole event was brilliant. I do not think I have laughed like that for a long time.

I got home about a week ago and the following night I went out for Melissa’s birthday celebrations. I think everyone enjoyed themselves or at least they seemed to. Melissa was so close to having sex with Smallsie however after a lot of trying the boy failed to “perform” and they gave up. Poor guy! I think this has left her even more frustrated and I am seriously starting to think about hiring someone to do the job. At least if they can’t perform I will get my money back J

Obviously this week was Christmas and it was really nice to spend it with the family. Last year I was away travelling and I think it made me realise what I missed. We spent it at my sisters eating food and opening pressies. What more can you ask for!

Now I am back at work, boo! Tonight I am off out with Melissa and a couple of other people. As we are not too sure what we are going to do for New Year we thought we would have a mini celebration tonight.

I suppose you are all wondering how much contact I have been having with Mr FWB. Well it has been quite a lot actually. We spoke whilst I was away and we have seen each other a couple of times since I have been back. Nothing overly exciting to report though. I suppose I am just waiting for him to mess up again.

Anyway I am going to finish up there. My fingers are starting to ache from the lack of typing I have been doing recently

Hope everyone is well and have a great weekend!


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