Friday, 24 February 2012

Friends with benefits

Ok so as I informed you in my first post, up until recently I had been seeing someone who thought of me as nothing more than a friend with benefits. Obviously this was not what I thought was happening so that was the first problem with it. In this post I want to talk about the idea of friends with benefits and if both parties can truly be ok with it.

To be a "FWB" I am assuming you have to be a friend and you have to find the person attractive enough to want to sleep with them. So why is this different to wanting to be in a relationship? Maybe with a relationship there is too much commitment and this panics some people. I personally do not think "FWB"'s can work as someone always wants more than the other. This is completely understandable behaviour as unlike a one night stand you actually get to know the person and spend time with them. If you didn't care for them then you wouldn't want to do this. I know some people who have decided to have a casual relationship and have set ground rules but at the end of it I have always seen someone get hurt. Male and female.

After the ending of a "FWB" can you go back to being just friends? I don't think this is really possible either. If one person didn't want it to end then there will always be the question of "Why was I not good enough for more". I am not speaking with my recent benefiter and I don't plan to for a long time but hey that is just me!

So from now on no friends with benefits for me and I will stick strictly to one night stands J 

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