Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A little more about me

I realised that since the first post I haven’t actually told you a lot about myself and thought now would be a good time to tell you a little more.  

One thing you probably should know is I have been married. Yep I know shocker! Obviously now I am not, but once upon a time I had a fairy-tale wedding and a happily ever after. I loved being married and I loved my husband a lot. Unfortunately we grew apart and he made the decision (the correct one I might add) to leave. At the time I didn’t see this as being the right thing to do and I have never felt as sad and low as I did at that point in time. This was a few years ago and now we are friends and I cannot see him as anything other than that. I will never forget my Mum sitting with me the day he left and telling me I would be ok. You really can’t see it for yourself when things like that happen but Mums are always right and soon enough I picked myself up and got back on the horse, so to say! J

After this I did go to a little bit of a bad place but boy did I have fun doing it. I became what Dana used to be with the love em and leave em. I wasn’t always nice with it though and would do what needed to be done and never want anything to do with them again. More recently this has happened to me and I know it isn’t a nice feeling but at the time I really didn’t care.

I am not saying that in the last year I have been a total saint but that really is another story for another time!  

That’s all for now but I am sure over time I will share a little more and maybe even tell you about some of my past experiences. Like the time my sister had to fake an emergency so I could get a man to leave my house after I was finished with him (I really hope he never reads this as still to this day he doesn’t know the truth).

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