Saturday, 21 December 2013

Catch up

Sorry for being off the radar lately. I have been working away from home again and this week they put us in a hotel with no wifi in the rooms. I didn't much fancy sitting in the hotel reception writing down my secrets and confessions.

So confessions brings me on to the latest event in my life. Last weekend I slept with hotel boy. I don't really know why or quite how but it happened. I am not going to say I regret it as  honestly I don't however I do think I need to start sleeping with new people and hopefully the next time it will be with someone I am proud to tell you guys about.

Anyway more exciting things, my old roommate is coming home tomorrow and I am really excited. We have already made plans with our other old roommate for New Year which I am really looking forward to. It does however mean I have to get up early and get the house ready for her return.

Right I have to end this now as I have loads of Christmas pressies to wrap. Yay Christmas!
But I will give you a proper catch up with what is happening with everyone soon!


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