Saturday, 4 January 2014

Time for an update

I thought it was time I did a little update on everyone in the group as I haven't done one for quite a while.

Well first up there is Olivia, now I really can't remember the last thing I wrote about her so I am sorry if I end up repeating myself.

So Olivia has been working on cruise ships for a little while now however before she left to do that the naughty minx had herself a little bit of fun with someone else staying in the same hostel as her. As luck would have it though the poor girl has fallen head over heels for this guy however now they have both been sperated by the sea. Fingers crossed they get to meet up again soon as she really does like him. How it would work out with then both being the other sides of the world to each other is anyones guess but I wish her all the luck!

Next there is Dana. Well what can I really say about her. She is still with the same guy she was with the last time I wrote about her and all seems to be good but I can't help thinking that she isn't getting any younger and maybe it was about time she did something about progressing the relationship. She is also being stalked by her cousins husband which always makes for good emails and texts. Lord knows what is what is going to happen there.

Finally there is Melissa. Well exciting news about her, she is coming back to the UK in 11 days. Yay! I wonder if she will meet up with any of her old conquests when she is here. Think she is back for about 6 months however obviously I will not be around for all that time. I am sure we can get ourselves into trouble somehow anyway :o)

I think that is all I need to cover off. Obviously if I suddenly remember anything amazing or if their situations change at all you guys will be the first ones to know!


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