Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A great holiday

Well I am back and it was great and I am sad it is over with. I cannot lie it was really hard work and I spent most of the time on my backside (I think I said I was snowboarding). Anyway it was good and I met some really nice people. No holiday romances unfortunately but that was ok.

Now I am back to work, what fun and I have actually been moved seats. I now sit on the same floor as Mr FWB. Brilliant. I have spoken to him whilst I was away and since I have been back but nothing too exciting. Hotel boy has rudely decided to act like I no longer exist which is strange. I messaged him last Saturday and heard nothing back and have seen him around work but he has avoided eye contact with me. Not a clue what happened there but I am not going to worry myself too much about it. If he wants to act silly then that is up to him.

In other news it looks like Dana’s relationship maybe a little rocky at the moment. I don’t know too many details except that she said they have been bickering a lot. I really do need to have a catch up with her.

Melissa is currently away at the moment but do believe she has been having some cheeky little rendezvous with her man friend whilst I have been out of the country. I wonder where that one will go. She is definitely more interested when he plays hard to get but come on what girl doesn’t like a little bit of a challenge?

I am not sure if I said or not but I think Olivia has kicked her guy to the curb. I think she realised he couldn’t offer her anything that she wanted. Not that she really knows what that is.

I think that is all there is for today. Just a quick update so you all knew that I didn’t kill myself up a mountain! J


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