Friday, 8 March 2013

Holiday yay!

Well I have to say I think I have been very reserved when it has come to bragging about the holiday I am going on tomorrow. Ok who am I kidding, I have just been too busy to think about it. Now I have a little more time there is only one thing to say…………


In the fairly early hours of the morning (ok 9am) I will be heading off to the airport to go snowboarding in Bulgaria with my family. Up until this holiday I have always skied but I thought this time I would try something a little different. I think the excitement has just hit me! Eeeek.

In other news I am prob off to see Mr FWB tonight. Well I need a little man fix and where better to go.

I am feeling a lot better today as well so it looks like everything is working out nicely

I won’t be posting for the next week obviously but I promise to do a good catch up when I get back. Hey you never know there may even be a little holiday romance on the slopes if I am lucky J

Have a good weekend and week all!


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