Monday, 25 March 2013

Some girls are just crazy – fact

This is true and I myself am thrown into this statement as well. Proving just that this weekend L

Now I do believe that any girl who sees what I am about to write will think “yep this girl is nuts but I totally would think the same thing”

So where to start. Ok firstly yesterday it was Mr FWB’s birthday so Saturday night after I had been to my boss’ 50th surprise party I stayed at his. This was planned and not just a booty call. All was fine and we had a nice evening and then the next morning everything was good,

Then the crazy set in!

Obviously people wrote happy birthday to him on Facebook which is totally normal. However, there was one girl who wrote happy birthday and he liked it. He didn’t like anyone else’s (including mine) but he liked hers. Now I wouldn’t mind so much but this girl is pretty L and all I keep thinking is why? Is something going on, does he want something to go on. Hence crazy single girl comes out.

I spoke to super sidekick about this and she said I should just ask him but hell no. I don’t mind her and even you guys knowing I am a loon but to let him in on this fact is a no go area. Instead I will slowly let it annoy me, eat away at my insides all the while being really off with him. You know the sensible option.

So there you go proof that some girls are just crazy L


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