Friday, 22 March 2013

Not one for the boys

So being a single girl in today’s world is hard work. There are many reasons for this however I believe the hardest is the keeping up of appearances.

What I mean by this is how much work and effort we put into looking good for any potentials out there. We dye, paint, extend, expand and the worst I believe is we wax!

This leads me to talking about my wonderful waxing experience I had last night. Up until now I have always maintained my own lady jungle grooming however I decided this time I would let the professionals get their hands on me and wowzie can you say painful.

I am sure anyone who is reading this who has had the wonderful Brazilian done will know exactly the kind of pain I am referring to and are sitting there chuckling to themselves. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Brazilian is let me put it this way, they leave nothing! I mean nothing what so ever.

The woman who did mine is the normal lady I go to for all my beauty treatments and I feel last night we grew just that little bit closer. Let’s just say she had me in positions no man ever has and has heard me swear like no man ever has.

She even managed to convince me to go back in 3 weeks. I must be mad however I am promised this gets easier. I will believe it when I feel it!

So for any men reading this. You guys have it easy. You wash and shave your face and occasionally have a haircut but that is it! Your beauty regime is done. Now you know what he have to go through!

Have a good weekend all J


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