Monday, 8 April 2013

I am just too good for him

A slightly big-headed statement I know, however I actually do believe this to be true J

Yesterday I realised this fact and of course we are talking about the famous Mr FWB. I am not sure what suddenly made me think this but I was looking in the mirror, the hair (freshly coloured) was looking good and sitting perfectly and the makeup was well applied and I thought, god I am great. Haha only kidding but I did look at myself and thought he should be proud to be with me. He should want to show me off to his friends and brag that he has a pretty girlfriend not hide me in his bedroom.

The best part is whilst I was looking back through old Facebook pictures of myself and thinking my god what a state thank the lord you did something with your hair, make up etc. I look at him and think the last 2 years have not been kind (maybe I have done that to him).

I honestly do not mean all this in a I love myself kind of way but when I was younger I would tell my Mum I wasn’t getting married as I would never find someone who loved me more than I loved myself. I think I lost that feeling for a bit however  yesterday I got it back and I feel great.

I have so much to look forward to over the next year and so many exciting opportunities I really do not need someone in my life who is going to make me feel anything less that 100%.

I know we have all heard me say I am going to quit him about a million times and this is probably not going to be any different however I don’t look at him anymore and think I would be lucky to be with him. Now it is the other way round and if he doesn’t see that then I genuinely believe that is his loss. J


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