Friday, 19 April 2013

Re-evaluating my life

So we didn’t get the house but now I am wondering if this is really a bad thing.

Did I really want to get tied into another 12 month contract which just meant putting my travelling plans on hold even more. Did I want to get into the arguments over bills, cleaning and what not. I am thinking that renting a room in a house would be a much better idea. At least then I am not really limited and if I hate it I can move. Plus when I have enough money saved I can jack it all in and head off to warmer climates.

However on the other hand I am thinking should I just grow up and settle down with a husband (if I can find one) and a house. I mean I am not getting any younger. The only problem with that is I just do not feel ready. Time is going by so fast and I need it to slow right down so I can enjoy it, doing what I want to and then when I am ready I can do the marriage and children. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that L

God knows what is wrong with me right now. I suppose I am just coming to the end of my contract on my house and I have to make a fairly big decision about the next step which is confusing my brain.

Anyway it’s the weekend so I am going to enjoy that and not think too much about what is coming up. Hope everyone has a great one.


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