Friday, 26 April 2013

Totally messing with people heads

Men! That’s who!

Why do they do it? What is the reason behind it. I am talking about Hotel boy right now. He is just mean. I haven’t a clue what has gotten into him but he has decided for some reason that he just doesn’t like me. I don’t just mean in the non-fancying sense, I actually mean he doesn’t like me at all. He is really rude and a little bit insulting and I haven’t a clue why.

I genuinely haven’t done a thing to him and if I have he is in no hurry to tell me what. I tried to be jokey with him last night and he completely shut me down.

Well it is completely and totally his loss and not mine. I was lowering my game slightly with him anyway and no I don’t think all that about myself but anyone who I have told about him are really shocked that I went there.

Whatever, I will not let it ruin my weekend. I am off to a concert with Melissa and a couple of others tomorrow and I cannot wait!!

Have a great weekend all and remember “Appreciate everything, regret nothing. Even if your path leads you to a dead end, at least the journey will be worth remembering”


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