Monday, 5 November 2012

Another great weekend!

These are happening all too often. Not that I am complaining but I feel the bad weekend genie is going to strike soon and I am once again going to be left in a drunken crying mess over some boy or some totally insignificant comment someone has made (don’t judge you know we have all done it).

Anyway until that happens I am going to keep on talking about the fun I have had!

So Friday night was my second Halloween party. To begin with when we walked in it all seemed a little strange. Not so much like a party and more like a formal dinner with people dressed in funny clothing. This however soon changed once the drinks started flowing. So that people were not just stood around staring at each other they put on games for us to play.

The first game was where you balance yourself on blocks and beat each other up with padded weapons until one of you falls off. I won that one J

The second game was to wrap a guy up as a mummy! Even though me and my partner did a fab job we lost to the other side! Booo!

The next game was a tug of war. Again myself and my partner beat the other team. Actually we didn’t just beat them, we annihilated them! Never judge a girl by her size is all I can say.

Finally we ended with a little sing off karaoke. I was pushed up to sing and with my cold I cannot imagine that was pleasurable for anyone to hear!

All in all the night was a great success and enjoyed by everyone J

Saturday night we went to my Aunties 60th birthday which involved buffet food and Salsa dancing. What more could you want! We didn’t stay too late though as I still wasn’t feeling great.

To answer the question I am sure you are all thinking (or not) Mr FWB did in fact contact me. Both Friday and Saturday night. Nothing interesting to report from that one but I was quite surprised to hear from him.

Tonight myself and Melissa are off to the good old bonfire and fireworks. Melissa has never celebrated the 5th of November before so once again it will be another experience for her!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


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