Monday, 12 November 2012

It gets easier but should it?

Firstly I will start by telling you about the good weekend I had. Friday night myself and Melissa went out to our town and drunk and danced a lot. Apart from Melissa trying to palm me off on any guy that walked past it was a good night.

Saturday we went to a comedy night and all three acts were really funny. This is surprising as usually you get one bad one but not Saturday.

Yesterday I went to my parents for a good old roast dinner (can’t beat it) and then spent the night watching TV and eating snacks J

So now for the reason behind the title of this post. Saturday Melissa and I were talking about relationships and getting hurt etc. Comparing notes, who had the worst this, that and the other! We were also discussing how many times we had been hurt in some way by a man and came to the conclusion that the more it happens the easier it becomes to get over it. Now whilst a lot of people think this is ok I am not so sure. Should it really get easier and is it just turning us into hardened people. I think it is hard to give yourself to someone fully when you have been hurt and therefore when it goes wrong is the easiness of bouncing back just a result of this. I remember an old friend of mine and myself used to always go “oh well there goes another one” after a break up. Is that the right attitude to have? I really do not know. I hope I am not turning into a very heartless person when it comes to relationships as one day I do really plan to settle and be happy.

Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow.
Sometimes we must fail in order to know.
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain.
Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.

Right or wrong?


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