Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Friend dilemma

Just thought I would give a quick friend dilemma update.

After a lot of going back and forward I decided to message him and explain the situation. I told him that I hoped I had not led him on in anyway and that I hadn’t complicated the friendship at all.

He replied to tell me he understood and he would never do anything to ruin our friendship and everything was fine. We will now be sharing a room in Las Vegas together and fingers crossed things stay ok.

Mr FWB was messaging me Monday night and things led on to him telling me basically he hadn’t had sex with anyone since me. I do not for one second believe him at all as I have been to Thailand and I know what goes on! Anyway I haven’t really spoken to him that much since and again I am not that bothered. I may arrange one last hurrah for old time sake and get it out of the system but we will see J


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