Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Something that may shock you

I recently told you about my friend who ended things with her husband and had started a relationship with someone else


A couple of people who know me that know I write this mentioned how they thought she must have been having some sort of affair before it ended. Now I say some sort of affair as we entered into discussions about what classed as an affair. I do not know legally what is claimed to be an affair but I do not think texting another man should necessarily be classed as an one. I am not saying I think it is right but I do not think it is having an affair.


The reason behind this post is to tell you that she in fact was not having an affair and it actually turns out it was the husband who had been. That was the main reason for the marriage breakdown and therefore her kicking his sorry arse to the curb

So for anybody who read the earlier post and assumed she was in the wrong let this be a lesson to you. Never judge someone when you do not know both sides of the story!


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