Friday, 16 November 2012

Just a quiet one

I am having a quiet weekend this weekend. I was supposed to be out with some friends from work but unfortunately due to spending all my money on booking holidays I had to pull out. I think it is being rearraged though which is good for me.

Tomorrow night Mr FWB has asked me to go round but I am not sure if I will or not. Maybe I will wait to see if he asks me again and then decide.

Sunday I am going to London to an Christmad fayre type thing which should be good and might start to get me into some kind of festive mood

Sad news about Mr Wise. He was supposed to be leaving us to move away but it looks like that will not be happening for a while. Whilst I am happy he is staying around for a while longer I know how important this was for him so that makes me sad. On a brighter note it just means we get to have more time day drinking and heart to hearting like we did the last time we went out J

Anyway I hope you all have actioned packed enjoyable weekends!


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