Thursday, 22 November 2012

Round the world

So instead of doing some work today I decided to plan my round the world epic trip.

Wow there a lot of places I want to see. I feel this is going to be quite costly when I eventually get my backside in gear and actually book it. Does make me very excited to think about though. After my last mini journey I have definitely got the bug.

When you have been away for a while and the trip is coming to the end you start to get really exciting about seeing people. You then get home, get back to the real world for about a week and then decide that nothing has changed whilst you have been away and life is actually quite boring!

I have pretty much felt like that since I came home in Jan. Now time to change it. As my Dad has always said, if you have a problem and you can fix it then do, if you can’t then move on. I can fix this so I shall J

Tonight is Ceroc night and I am really looking forward to it. It will be nice to do something with my Mum and I may actually pick up a move or two!

Tomorrow night I am out for a work colleagues leaving do. I wasn’t going to drink but I have pretty much thrown that idea out the window. I am not really looking forward to seeing Mr FWB out as he always seems to manage to annoy me at these work type things by being all over some other girl. I think I am cool with that now but I guess we will only know after tomorrow night. At least Mr Wise will be there to hold me back if I see red.


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