Thursday, 10 January 2013


Lately I have been having an issue with my emotions or more truthfully I haven’t been but other people have.

I do not really cry at films and recently I have watched a couple that yes I have found sad but no I have not cried. This isn’t to say that I have never cried at a film I just do not do it often.

I am not sure what this says about me as a person. I do not think I am heartless and cold hearted like the comments that have been thrown my way but when everyone else finds things sad (even some guys) I am not sure it is right.

I was thinking about it when I got home last night (I went to see a sad film at the cinema) and was trying to work out if there was something wrong with me. I suppose I just can’t emotionally attach myself with the characters in the story even if like last nights it was based on true events. Maybe the past bad things that have happened to me have made me tougher with my feelings.

For no real reason when I got home last night I decided to read my travelling book. This was a day by day account of what happened when I was off seeing the world and funnily enough there was an entry about S21 in Cambodia. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is where a lot of people were held and tortured. Anyway, I had wrote about my experience in going to see it and in there I spoke about how the people around me were getting upset (which I understand) but how I couldn’t really feel anything about it. I guess these things just do not feel that real to me.

Anyway this was just a little post to get these things off my chest. I just hope I am not broken L


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