Thursday, 24 January 2013

The online is back

But will it last?

Yep that’s right I am back on the online dating again. Only to have a little browse around the area and see if there are any potentials out there.

I haven’t paid to sign up this time so I cannot see anyone’s pictures. I am not sure if this a good or a bad thing. Good as I cannot judge, bad as I cannot check them out physically (I know, I know – shallow).

Anyway this won’t be my only way to try out dating but until I think of other options this is going to be it for now. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Obviously part of me feels quite selfish trying to date when I know I won’t be in the country come the end of the year but I have technically (I don’t count FWB) been single for 4 years and it would nice to maybe have a little Valentine this year. Ok I know that is very optimistic given Valentine’s day is in about 3 weeks but you never know.

Keep your fingers crossed for me J


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