Friday, 4 January 2013

I have a plan!

So for a few weeks now people have been asking me what I plan to do when Melissa goes off travelling and Steven goes off where ever he ends up going and up until last night I had been telling them I didn’t know and was just going to go with it.

Well that all seems to have changed slightly

The new year saw a lot of sad people who I met travelling reminiscing about better times and saying how they wished they could turn back to that time. One of these people in particular was Olivia. The poor girl was very down in the dumps.

Anyway yesterday we were talking about life etc and together came up with a great idea. We were going to move to New Zealand and work.

This year!

We would have done Australia however she has already had her working visa for there and I am not sure if you know or not but it is a onetime only thing. She hasn’t however done New Zealand. I still plan to do Australia but I can do a year in NZ and then head over there.

The plan is still in the discussing part but we have both agreed it will be this year that we will go. We both want to have some fun and do a little travelling first so we may do that for a couple of months before we get there but we will see.

Now comes the really fun part of saving again. At least as I have a goal I have a target. I will be more than likely moving back with my parents when our lease is up so I can save a lot more which isn’t ideal but I am lucky to have that option.

I am very very excited about this plan and know I am going to be wishing the next few months away until we can get on that plane but let the saving and planning commence. Ahhhh!


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