Monday, 14 January 2013

What a weekend

Oh it was brilliant. I had soo much fun with the girls coming down and so sad it is over now. It is true that all good things must come to an end.

I will start with Friday night. The girls finally arrived around 7ish and it didn’t take long till we started on the wine. We also thought it would be funny to put our Laos tubing outfits on (google it) and eat the Thai green curry I made. Once that was finished we made ourselves some buckets (basically little sand buckets that you put alcohol in and drink with a straw) and danced around the room like loons. Brilliant.

Saturday I went to get my hair cut and ended up walking out of there looking like a poodle and £45 worse off. Oh well lesson learned. Whilst I did that the girls relaxed at home preparing themselves for that nights antics.

So Saturday night arrived and we dressed ourselves up, ate pizza, drunk some more buckets and then headed to town.

We met up with a couple of people I work with and danced the night away. Literally all night. At one point we even had the whole pub watching us do a dance that we used to do when we were in Laos (and not in a omg look at those girls, kind of way).

On Sunday we all sat around talking about what a great night we had and how we should do it more often.

Even better at no point over the weekend did I speak to Mr FWB and I wasn’t bothered one little bit J

I hope everyone else had a great a weekend as what I did


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