Monday, 23 July 2012

Another great weekend!

This weekend myself and Melissa went to see some friends. It was such a great weekend. We spent Friday night catching up with one friend whilst drinking wine and reminiscing about our travelling days. Then on Saturday night we went out into their local town and drunk and danced the night away. Drinks were only £1 each which was amazing but did result in it being a little messy.

I unfortunately couldn’t find one single guy to catch my eye. I honestly do not know what is wrong with me at the moment. I genuinely cannot find anyone attractive. One of my friends has however managed to meet a really lovely guy from online dating so I was thinking of maybe giving that bad boy another try. We will see.

We are definitely going to try one of these lock and key parties soon though as they look like fun and another couple of my friends met doing that.

Haven’t got a huge amount planned for this week. Just going to do some more running and hopefully my hair extensions turn up soon so I can put those in. Not sure if I have mentioned them before but as I said to my friend when he asked why I was getting them, simple – boy breaks girls heart, girl dyes hair orange (by mistake obviously) girl dyes hair back to brown and then decides longer hair is the answer. Any girl reading this will know exactly what I mean J


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