Monday, 16 July 2012

What a weekend!

Well that weekend was certainly eventful. I don’t even know where to start!

Ok so Olivia arrived Saturday lunch time and I was so excited to see her. Just before her arrival I had a great idea to dye my hair back to blonde. The only problem with that was the previous Thursday I had dyed my hair nearly black. Now I am not sure if any of you have ever tried to strip your hair but the following happened – first we put the eggy smelling liquid on my head, covered my hair with clingfilm. I then proceeded to sit and wait for the colour to be stripped out whilst dreaming of having beautiful blonde hair (also in my mind there was few highlights as well, not really sure how I thought this was going to happen). Anyway I can confirm that blonde hair was not what I ended up with. More an orange with black patches mixture! OMG disaster.

Bless Olivia when I showed her she tried to keep a straight face and say it wasn’t that bad but as I was not blind I knew the truth! Anyway a quick trip to buy some more hair dye and back to brown I went. Well that was a fun game.

So that night a couple more of my friends arrived and we decided to head into town. Now I would like to mention that the previous night before I found out about Mr FWB’s goings on I had told him that I was going out so he knew where I would be. Yep that’s right he turned up with one of his friends. Now I wouldn’t have minded so much however when his friend saw me he mouthed “Oh sh*t” to Mr FWB like I was some kind of drama causer. It also showed that whatever Mr FWB told his friend, clearly made him out to be some kind of saint and me a crazy woman.

I decided to ignore them both and went and had some drinks with my friends. We left soon after to only be followed by them to the next pub. I then pretty much spent the whole night trying to avoid running in to him which kind of ruined it a little bit for me as I couldn’t really relax.

Overall the night was good but it could have been better if it hadn’t once again been for Mr FWB!

Anyway yesterday was spent chilling and eating a lot. Diet starts today!


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