Thursday, 12 July 2012

Proud of me!

So I am a little bit proud of myself. I haven’t had any contact with Mr FWB since Monday. For me that is really good. I have completely resisted the urge to contact him. It has also helped that he has not contacted me too but hey that’s not important.

I am still frustrated that I do have the urge to contact him though. I mean I know he is bad for me, I know he uses me, I know we will never be together. So why do I still want to keep going back for more. Maybe I will invent a drug which people can take that helps them get over someone. I would be a millionaire. As that is likely not to happen I guess the only thing for it is to find a rebound. Just something that can make me think there is more out there than just him. Time to start mission “One night stand”. I feel like I should have music playing as I say that. Bit like something a superhero would have. Just call me Supershagger. Ok may need to rethink that name. Wish me luck people.

I teased the other day about Dana. Well now that she is no longer with the boy I can actually tell you that she may have had a little kissy session with both man A and it turns out (she told me at the weekend) man B as well in Ireland. Naughty girl. All of this whilst texting the boy telling him that she wasn’t doing anything. She has also been (and for some time it would seem) seeing an old flame of hers. I honestly cannot keep up! I can barely remember one guy’s name let alone 4. She is clearly a practiced lady at this.

Anyway nearly the weekend! J


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