Monday, 2 July 2012

The housewarming

This weekend was our housewarming party. It wasn’t really a party as such as we didn’t really invited that many people. We just wanted a quiet BBQ and to begin with that is what we got. It then turned into a drunken visit to town mess. Of course!  Two of mine and Melissa’s friends from travelling came to see us which was great as we hadn’t seen them for so long. Melissa however got a little drunk (ok very) and decided she was going to try and make out with one of them. Unfortunately for him she would have made out with a table leg given half the chance (yes she was just that drunk). After we got back to the house she decided she was going to have a heart to heart with said guy. The only problem with this is she does not actually remember what was said. We are now waiting to find out if she declared her undying love (this would not be true) or was actually honest and told him he was lovely but not the man for her. In the meantime we are avoiding all contact with him for fear of a marriage proposal.

I myself was not innocent in the foolishness. I decided I would send Mr FWB a barrage of text messages ranging from wanting him, to telling him never to talk to me again. Yep we all get a little silly when we drink don’t we. Wont be doing that for a while (ok well not until Saturday anyway) J

Yesterday was Canada day so we went up to London where the celebrations were taking place. It was really good fun and I may have found a new love for hockey. Going to try and get to see a real game soon so we shall see if I still find it as exciting. I also tried Poutine for the first time. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is it involves chips, cheese and gravy and apparently very popular in Canada. It was good!

This week I am going to have a chilled one. I need to save my money and not drink! Apparently it is bad for your health. Who knew.

Oooo I believe Dana has broken things off with the boy! I am not too sure of the details but knowing Dana as well as I do I am sure it won’t be long before there is someone new on the scene, if of course there isn’t already.

I think we are going to try a lock and key party soon with Melissa so I will report back on that when it happens.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and for all my Canadian readers, Happy Canada day for yesterday J


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