Saturday, 14 July 2012


Ok so I had to do a quick update on the FWB situation. The dirty dog was only messaging me last night whilst out on a date with another girl. How do I know this? Well the fool went to where one of my best friends works and she saw him.

Once I found this out there were tears and frustration but most of all I was just angry. I honestly believe this was exactly what I needed to break the ‘spell’. I text him and told him to never contact me again and that I was sick of never being good enough. He didn’t reply but I honestly didn’t care. I said my bit, end of.

I thought this morning I would wake up feeling really sad (like has happened in the past) but noooo I woke up feeling angry with him and kind of free. This is a good thing I think.

I really am too good for him. I mean Christ the guy really does not have much going for him at all. I wasn’t going to say anything but the other day he crashed his car and now is going to lose his license for drink driving. Can you say loser!

Anyway had to quickly get this out. Now time to enjoy the rest of my weekend with Olivia and Melissa! J


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