Thursday, 19 July 2012

Trip to Vegas

As you all know I am going to Vegas in December which is great however I have no one to share my room with me L

I honestly did not think it was going to be that hard to find someone however it is pretty expensive and people just do not have the money to spend right now. My brother in law thinks I should find a guy, check his bank balance and invite him regardless of whether I like him or not. It may come to this soon if I cannot find anyone!

On a brighter note it is nearly the weekend and on this one myself and Melissa are off to see some friends we met travelling. I am really excited to see them as the last time was before new year. I think tomorrow night is going to be spent travelling and then catching up. Then Saturday we are going to a concert and out on the town. It sounds like the girls have a lot of things lined up for us so it should be a pretty action packed one.

I am in a bit of a funny mood today. I am not sure why but I think I am just tired. Too much burning the candle at both ends. I spoke to Mr FWB yesterday (we work together as you know so it is hard sometimes not to) and I told him we cannot be friends and it was to be work chat only. I hope he just sticks to that as I am always easily swayed back into the old ways.

I am however quite proud of myself at the moment as I have managed to get my running up to 4 miles. I think this is quite an achievement for me as I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping before.

Anyway have a good weekend all (I know there is still one day of work left but I don’t think I will get to blog tomorrow so I will say it now)


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