Thursday, 5 July 2012

A possible potential

Wow this week has been busy. My sidekick at work has been off so I have had double the amount of queries, problems and stupid questions to deal with. What fun! She is back now though so I am taking a break to catch everyone up on the goings on in my life.

As the title suggests there is a possible potential. It is very early days and has kind of come out of the blue. He is a friend of a friend and I got talking to him about a month ago when we went out in London. I had known him for years but we had never really had much contact with each other. Anyway he messaged me on good old Facebook the other day asking how I was and how he had enjoyed chatting to me on the night out. We have since swapped back and forth a few messages. I am not sure how I feel about him (Melissa thinks I should go for it but I think she really means sleep with him) but I honestly don’t know. I think if he asked me out for a drink or something I would more than likely say yes but we will see. I may be jumping the gun slightly and he may just be being polite.

I am currently waiting on the edge of my seat to hear whether Melissa has a job or not. I am keeping my fingers crossed. We have a lot of plans which involve money so it would help a lot if she got one J

This weekend we are off to a summer ball with my parents. Again fancy party dresses, dancing and cheap drinks. My 3 favourite things!

So it looks like Steven is getting a little serious with a potential of his own. He didn’t even come home the other night the naughty boy. Good for him though!


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