Monday, 10 September 2012

Thank god for Mondays – chance for a lay in!

What a busy weekend. I actually feel like I have not stopped once. Most probably because I haven’t stopped once.

Friday night we spent in town drinking and dancing the night away. There were no drama’s what so ever which made it a brilliant night J

We got up early Saturday and headed to London. After walking for 20 mins in the wrong direction looking for a hostel we ended up getting a taxi straight back to where we started from. This was in fact about 2 mins away from said hostel the opposite way. Obviously!

I was quite excited when we got in there to drop Melissa’s friends bag off as although I travelled for 3 months I never once actually stayed in a hostel. It was different and I am not sure if it is somewhere I would want to stay on my own. I could definitely do it with someone though.

Once we finished up there we headed to the London dungeons. It was brilliant. For anyone who doesn’t know it is basically all the bad things that have happened in London under one roof. Jack the Ripper etc. It was really interesting with an added bit of scariness to it as well.

I left the girls after this as I had to get back home. Saturday night was spent having a bbq at my sisters and then a sort of early night.

On Sunday I had to get up at 6:30am to go off to my bike course. It was so good and I learnt a lot. I would advise anyone to do it. However after 8 hours of riding my body is now in pieces and all I want to do is lay in bed.

Damn work always getting in the way of things J


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