Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The people update

So my people update was kind of interrupted with the weekends drama but as promised here it is

Firstly I will start with Melissa. Recently we have kind of drifted apart a little and said some cross words that maybe we shouldn’t have. We have however talked about it all and I am hoping we can now move forward. She has been doing a lot of touristy things which is cool and on Friday has a job interview which fingers crossed she gets. She does however really need to get laid so that is now my mission!

Steven – What can I say about him! That boy is loved up. We barely see him anymore however I think he should be home more often soon as he is working on a new film. Will definitely have to arrange a roommate night out when he is back as there is a long overdue one.

Olivia – That girl really needs to get off her backside and find herself a new job where she doesn’t have to work weekends. I don’t get to see her anywhere near as much as I want to and that makes me sad L. However she has promised me she is going to start looking so hopefully something changes soon. Otherwise she is just trying to save to go travelling again. As for the men side there is no one around at the moment but she genuinely doesn’t get that guys just think she is way out of their league and not that she isn’t good enough.

Dana – She really is a funny girl. She is off on holiday in a week with a guy she just cannot make up her mind about. She likes him because she always has but can I see it going anywhere? I am not sure. Habit and easy comes to mind!

Mr Wise – I have mixed emotions about this one. I am sad because he is probably leaving me to move to a different country but happy because he is getting what he wants. I just secretly hope it doesn’t happen too quickly as then I get to keep him for a bit longer! J

I suppose I could update you about me but there isn’t too much to say. I am still talking to Mr FWB and think we are going out Friday night, but apart from that nothing exciting is happening. I am just trying to budget like mad to save and boy is that hard!

I hope you liked the update and I promise not to leave it so long before the next one!


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