Friday, 26 October 2012


So my favourite time of year is Halloween.

All the other holidays -  Christmas, Valentine’s day etc. are all focused on people getting together and especially with Valentine’s day it is all about being with someone. Halloween is not like that at all. It is about dressing up with friends and usually when you are older getting pretty drunk and playing games.

Tomorrow night I am off to my sisters for a murder mystery night. For anyone who hasn’t played you basically get into characters and someone dies. You then spend the night trying to work out who did it. As I am hosting this one I actually know who is the victim and who is the murderer but it isn’t spoiling the fun for me. I am actually looking forward to trying to throw people off.

I have decided this year to go as a witch! The outfit is well…… interesting. Let’s just say none of you would let your children/younger sisters go out wearing this but as I am a grown up, I am allowed.

After the party we are heading into the local town of where I used to live and I cannot wait. I have not been out there for ages and the people who I am going out with are some of my closest friends and we never fail to have a good night.

I haven’t been out drinking for such a long time. I hope I can still keep up J

Tonight is mostly going to be spent carving pumpkins. I have never been good at it under supervision so good knows what they are going to look like if I am left on my own!

Anyway hope you all have great weekends as I am sure I will be J


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