Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I go on holiday soon

With all the preparation for my half marathon I actually keep forgetting that I am going on holiday next week!

I have to say that it is well needed and Mr FWB has just informed me that he is looking to go away the day I get back. That means we won’t see each other and possibly have no contact for nearly 3 weeks. I think this is a good thing because as I said I need to draw back from him and this is certainly one way to do it!

I have also just made plans to go to Rome with my sister the end of November which is really exciting as I have always wanted to go there.

I promise one day I will start saving for my travels however I think that if I am spending my money at the moment on going to different countries then technically I don’t need to save that much for next year! J

Oh a funny thing happened today. My work have provided us with uniforms to wear on Sunday for the half marathon. To say I would look better in front of Henry the VIII as a jester would without a doubt be an understatement. It certainly gave all my work colleagues a good laugh. I have however declined the offer to wear said outfit and have decided to opt for my own running trousers.

It is getting so close now. I cannot believed I signed up for this 7 months ago. Just goes to show how quickly time passes!


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