Monday, 1 October 2012

Brilliant weekend

This weekend gone has to have been one of the best I have had in a long time

Friday night I spent in but as I was alone I did the following

Read a magazine whilst eating my steak dinner
Watched the life stories of Katy Perry and Millie Cyrus
Danced around my living room singing into a remote control pretending I was a pop star
Added loads of things to my bucket list
And then finally watched half a film before I decided that my previous activities had tired me out too much and went to bed

This all may sound very silly but I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to do whatever I wanted without anyone else around J

Saturday was just as good if not better. Mr Wise had organised a day/evening out for a few people at work and so we spent the day drinking, chatting and finally eating the hottest curry on this planet (that was just me as everyone else seemed to be a little more sensible with what they picked).

I also ended up being a little naughty in the my drunken state and paid Mr FWB a little visit. Whoops.

Sunday was spent hangover free – happy days – and chilling watching TV with Melissa. I was hoping to get out running but I still wasn’t feeling too great (sore throat) and didn’t want to push myself.

Tonight I am back on the running training as dun dun dun I have the half marathon on Sunday! Ahhhh!

I hope everyone else had just as good a weekend as me J


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