Monday, 29 October 2012

The great weekend and the dilemma

My weekend as expected was really good! Friday night I stayed in and carved a pumpkin. I was going to do two but got bored after the first one and gave up. He wasn’t that bad in the end J

Saturday I did a touristy thing with Melissa which was nice. It’s funny how you don’t ever do the tourist things close to you until someone makes you. I guess you always figure they will be there so you can come back to them.

Saturday night was the murder mystery. It went down really well and everyone enjoyed themselves. I didn’t actually get that drunk which was surprising but I think it was better that way as I didn’t feel terrible when I woke up. We went into my ex local town and danced the night away J

So now for the dilemma. It would seem one of my friends – let’s call him Kevin – has a thing for me. Now Kevin is lovely and I have been friends with him for years but I do not and never will see him like that. I knew a couple of years ago he liked me but a couple of people explained to him it wouldn’t be right and he left it alone. Now it seems he has decided to try again.

The problem is he is coming to Las Vegas in December and was supposed to be sharing a room with me. Obviously that can now not happen and we need to rethink the sleeping arrangements. I feel bad as he is a lovely guy but just not my type. Now do I say something to him and explain and possibly make the friendship uncomfortable or do I leave it alone and pretend I don’t know! Ahh this is so difficult. Either way I don’t feel happy about it.

Any suggestions would be very welcomed!


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