Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The 100th post

Wow this is actually my 100th post. I cannot believe I have gotten here so quickly.

I was thinking today about all the things I have wrote in my previous posts. The ups and downs, the naughty bits and the just plain fun ones. I couldn’t really remember everything and thought about reading them all back, then I realised that I really just didn’t want to. Some things really hurt me when I wrote about them and I didn’t want to remind myself of them.

I also think I would kick myself 100 times for everything that has happened with Mr FWB as I know deep down that it is all wrong.

He is coming home from his holiday this weekend and I have to say I am not looking forward to it at all. The past 3 weeks have been really nice and man stress free. I haven’t worried about running in to him or hearing from him. Or knowing that when he clicks his fingers 9 times out of 10 I will go running. As mean as this sounds I really wish he would just stay out there. Guess it just gives me more motivation to get away next year!

So a little Dana update. Well she went on holiday with her man friend and it would seem they are now together. She has finally gotten the man she has always wanted but now that she has him I wonder if it is all she thought it would be. Only time will tell I guess.

Now for the others;

Olivia is still single which amazes me but she seems to be happy with it so good for her

Melissa still needs to get laid. I was trying to set her up with the Blur (our friend) but she seemed a little off about it. Maybe she needs some convincing, or alcohol! J

Steven is fine. Working really long hours so we don’t get to see him that much. Unfortunately we have drifted as friends and are really just roommates now. It’s a shame but I suppose these things happen!

Mr Wise is still waiting on some information about his move, he got the job he went for yay, but it does mean he will be leaving booo! Guess we will just have to make sure we have lots of days out before then.

There isn’t much else to say today other than Happy Halloween and I hope you have all enjoyed reading my 100 posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them!


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