Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sorry I am so bad

And unfortunately I don’t mean in the sexual good kind of way

I have neglected my blogging duties and for that I would like to apologise.

Work has been so very busy and as that is what is funding my travelling I have had to focus on that! Damn work getting in the way of things.

Well my holiday was as I said very lovely however as it was quiet I had a lot of time to think about things. Being left with my own thoughts is never a good idea. I thought a lot about Mr FWB and how I really felt about him. It is confusing as I do like him but I genuinely could never be with him. He has been away on holiday and when he didn’t contact me I didn’t mind but when he did I was happy. Silly feelings getting confused!

Anyway I promise to update again tomorrow and to make it a good one!

Dana is back off her holiday now so I certainly need to get some information about that one J


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