Monday, 22 October 2012

Im baaaack!

Hello all! Have you missed me? Ok don’t answer that one

Well I am back and refreshed and feeling great. I am actually giddy I think J

There is no particular reason for my upbeat mood right now, I am just really loving life and no before you ask I am not high!

My holiday was lovely. It was a great chance to relax however when we first set off it seemed that everything that could go wrong would! Firstly there was a problem with one of the roads we had to go down which meant there was a lot of traffic and too say my Dad is not a patient man is an understatement. When we finally picked up speed we ended up hitting a low flying pigeon! Too be fair it flew into us and we were lucky it didn’t smash the wind screen. Poor thing! L

When we finally arrived at the airport we were delayed by an hour which isn’t that uncommon so we were not too bothered. We made it safely to the other end where we then proceeded to wander around the airport looking for where we would collect the car from. After about an hour of going up and down in lifts we finally found the car hire station – with its hour long queue. Great fun. Good news is the guy was so fed up of moany people that when he got to us and we spoke politely to him he actually upgraded our car for free. Result!

Then came the secret squirrel mission. We had to drive to near the apartment and head into an industrial estate where we were told to find a safe hidden behind a door to collect our keys and boy it was well hidden. We finally found it however when we entered the code we were given – nothing. Yep that’s right it was broken!! So a quick phone call to the emergency number and out someone came to open it for us. The rain had apparently broken it (this was the only time it rained when were there so pleased with that). Anyway keys in hand off we went to find our apartment.

The rest of the holiday was spent sunbathing, eating and drinking. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a week.

I am going to have to cut the blog short I am afraid as I have to do some work (my super sidekick is once again off) however if I have time I will carry on tomorrow J

Hope you have all had a great week!


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