Monday, 12 March 2012

The confession

So up until now I have been a little reserved when talking about my sex life or lack of as the case may be at the moment. Well today I thought I would let you into a little secret. One that very few people know. On a recent trip abroad I may have had a little bit of fun. Ok not a little bit. A lot. Yes I know what you are probably thinking – wasn’t I seeing Mr FWB. Well the answer is yes and I did at the time feel guilty, that guilty in fact that I went back the next night for some more “fun”. Well if you have already committed the crime once you might as well make the most of it. So I did, 3 times!

In all seriousness though yes I did feel bad about it however now I am pleased it happened J

He was a lovely guy and incredibly good looking (no it isn’t just the beer goggles saying that). The first night I met him he asked me if I wanted to go back to his room to watch TV, no I am not stupid and yes I knew exactly what this meant. So I followed and let’s just say not much TV got watched. He asked me to stay the night however I am not really the cuddly type of girl so didn’t really see the point. I got what I had gone there for and did not need to stay any longer. I think he was a little hurt by this but what did he expect, it was just a holiday fling. Anyway the following night I found myself with not much to do and decided to go and knock on his door. Luckily for me he was in, didn’t hold a grudge against me for running out and agreed to come for some drinks. This ended up pretty much the same as the previous night with me going back to his. However on this occasion I fell asleep and didn’t get up until he had to leave the next day. The sweet guy even slipped me his email address on the way out. Maybe one day I will use it but I do think these things are best left with what happens abroad stays abroad!

I so wanted to tell Mr FWB about this when the incident happened on my birthday but I knew he would think I was making it up so I kept it to myself. Well until now anyway! J

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