Monday, 26 March 2012

Time to be a little more upbeat!

I am reading another blog from a single girl and today went back to when she first started writing it (I haven’t been reading it long). Recently she has seemed a little depressed about being single and having thoughts of how she is never going to find “the one”. I wanted to see what her outlook was like a few years ago and as I imagined she was a lot more upbeat and seemed far more optimistic about life.

I think it is a shame where she is at now and really do feel for her. I just wanted to say to her (if she is reading this) and everyone else not to feel sad about anything you cannot change. I do not have a boyfriend as you all know and yes I do feel a little down about it at times but I as I cannot click my fingers and change the situation I do not see the point in worrying about it. It would make for a very sad life if I was to let it bother me all the time. Do I ever think I won’t find anyone again? No! There is absolutely no reason why I won’t so therefore I believe it will happen.

So the weekend gone was a very good one however it left me with a lot of thoughts and decisions to make. Saturday I went for a coffee with my Mum and we talked about my plans and what I wanted to do. I currently live at home and do want to move out however I also want to move away. Potentially to another country! I do not really see what I have round here to actually keep me. I love my family and I would miss them but I think if the opportunity arose for me to go then I would take it. This is all early days stuff at the moment but still something to think about. Give me a week and I will be back to my original decision of moving closer to work (yes I am just that indecisive).

Anyway I hope you all had good weekends and for any of you who didn’t – chin up, it’s not the end of the world. You always have next weekend to make an improvement! J

Sending any of you who think you are missing out a big hug and lots of love! -x -

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