Thursday, 29 March 2012


I have received some great news today. My friend who has been struggling with getting her UK visa has informed me today that it looks like she has solved the issue and will be on her way to live and work here soon. I cannot wait until she gets here and am literally bursting with excitement.

I met her whilst travelling and we clicked from the moment we first spoke to each other. It’s funny how that can happen isn’t it. There are people who I have been friends with for years who I still don’t click with as much as what I do this person.

I think her being here is going to encourage me to want to leave again as she will be here for some months and then go off travelling again. I am just going to be too tempted to join her. Ahhhh!

Guess that means I won’t be moving out of home for the time being. Oh well who really wants independence anyway.

So my friend who reads my blog messaged me to talk about yesterday’s post and he told me that it made him think of his favourite quote  "I'd rather be alone for the right reasons, than be with someone for the wrong ones". This is so true and a perfect reflection of how I feel right now! J

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