Thursday, 22 March 2012

Get over it!

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of updates recently. I have actually had to do some work the last couple of days and haven’t had the chance to get on here. This has also made me tired when I get home so I have pretty much got in had dinner and either watched TV or read a book. This in turn has left me alone with my own thoughts. A dangerous concept I can assure you. This leads me on to today’s post……!

I am not going to lie I have been struggling with getting over Mr FWB. I am not sure why this is any different to anyone else I have had a relationship with but I do think it has a lot to do with the fact we work together and therefore have to speak to each other. In the past if things have ended with someone I have usually done the normal hide their Facebook notifications, deleted their number and not seen them. Well I have done the first two with Mr FWB but obviously unless I want to leave my job I cannot do the third. So how do you stop yourself from caring?

Some of my friends do not seem to quite understand or at least they have forgotten what it feels like to have this happen so when they say “just forget him” and call him names it doesn’t really help. The thing is I would do exactly the same if I was in their position, unfortunately I have realised that It just makes you feel more like you can’t talk about it as you don’t want them to think you are not coping and sound like a broken record.

I truly think the only way to get over someone you like is to meet someone else. Can you really do that though when your mind is always stuck in the past? Speaking from experience I believe you can as I moved on from my ex-husband but I don’t think it is a quick process or an easy one.

I said above that this was different to other relationships however in all honesty I think I feel like it is because it is the freshest and really they all felt like this. Just proves though that eventually it doesn’t seem so bad. I just wish that feeling would bloody hurry up and get here so I can feel like my wonderful self again! J

Oh well nearly the weekend!


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