Tuesday, 13 March 2012


As I have previously told you I have been married. A lot of people ask me why it finished and too be honest I don’t really know myself. I do however have an opinion on marriage that I have decided to share. Lucky guys you are!

Ok so I have always wondered why these days marriages don’t last when my parents are this year are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. I believe it is down to how times have changed over the years. When my Mum and Dad were younger they had their set roles in a marriage. Dad went out to work whilst Mum stayed at home and looked after the children. Whether this was right or wrong this is just how the times were. These days however women are having children later and are wanting careers. They are constantly trying to prove that they are just as good (or in most instances) better than men at a job. J

My ex-husband really wanted children however I didn’t see that as an option at the time and had no interest in being tied down like that. I desperately wanted to do well in my job. I don’t think that if we had decided to have children at the time that our marriage would have lasted but it definitely caused a few issues.

Obviously there are many other reasons as to why a marriage doesn’t work but this is purely based on when two people drift apart. As I said this is just my own opinion and is not necessarily correct. Of course there are exceptions to the above. My sister and her husband I have no doubt will be together forever or at least I hope they are and can therefore restore my faith in marriages.

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