Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dana's weekend

So I have told you about my disastrous texting weekend now it is time for Dana’s slightly more interesting one!

Whilst I was feeling old and embarrassing myself she was also out. However her night involved drinking Champagne and having a great time. By the end of it she had met up with an old flame of hers. Now I don’t know the details of how this meeting came about however I can’t imagine it was purely by coincidence. Dana doesn’t do coincidence. Anyway let’s say they ended up back at hers and in her words he was trying to be a little reserved but she seduced him. Successfully.

I think we can safely say the good old Dana is back. The poor boy will now no doubt be smitten with her and she will dismiss him like he is a used sock when she has finished with him. Cruel you may say but come on it is about time girls got to have a bit of fun! J

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