Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A mini update

After my epic post yesterday you would think I have nothing more to say. Well there is a man update and this one is from me.

Don’t start getting all excited on me though. All I have decided is to cancel my online dating again. I know I change like the wind!

I thought about it for a while and decided that the reason I could not find anyone interesting wasn’t because there was anything wrong with them but purely because I actually do not want a boyfriend. It really seems to be all too much like hard work to me and there is too much stress involved with being with someone. Constantly trying to compromise and keep them happy. Not for me!

Also recent events with Mr FWB and the girl from work just show that people cannot be trusted. She was with her boyfriend for a while and threw it all away for one night of drunken rubbish sex (I can confirm it would be rubbish as Mr FWB was not that great when in a state like that). Anyway her boyfriend did find out and I am guessing that relationship is now done with.  

Now I am not saying everyone cheats as I know they do not but it does seem that it is happening more and more these days. Again not something for me.

I also think with going away next year I don’t see the point in trying to start something to only have to leave it behind.

So for now I am back to being a fully single girl who enjoys her own and her friends company J


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