Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Two down one to go

So I recently found out that one of my work “conquests” had actually handed in his notice and was leaving. I think I may have mentioned that including Mr ex FWB (that is his new name now) there were 3 people from work who I had slept with. The first one left a little while ago and now I have found out that number two is also leaving. This only leaves Mr ex FWB to go and then I have a clean slate J.

Now how can I get him to leave? I welcome any suggestions!

I have felt a little better since my bad weekend. Making plans etc. Tonight I am off to the cinema with Melissa to see Ted. Hopefully it is as good as people say. Tomorrow night I have my parents coming over for dinner and then Friday night I was supposed to be staying in and relaxing however Melissa has already started dropping some not so subtle hints about going out!

I will post again on Friday to let you know whether she has managed to convince me or not


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