Friday, 17 August 2012

It’s Flip Cup time

Ok I am going out! We all knew it would happen. I don’t know why for one second I thought I would try and stay in when everyone else was out.

However before I go out we will be entering into a game of Flip Cup. What is Flip Cup I hear you ask (as has so many other people when I have told them). Well it is a drinking game where you are in teams, you down your drink, slam the cup down on the edge of the table then flip the cup over so it lands upside down. Once you have managed this and it isn’t as easy as it sounds (I know as I was practising last night) the next member of your team goes. The winning team is whoever manages to finish all their drinks first. Simples!

Once Flip Cup has finished and we are all suitably warmed through with alcohol we will be heading into town. I am half tempted to leave my phone at home so there are no drunken mishaps but I am not sure how sensible that idea really is.

Tomorrow night I am off to my Sisters for a little karaoke session. I am recording a song next weekend so need to warm up the old vocals.

I hope everyone’s weekend is really good and I really hope mine is better than last Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me J


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