Friday, 24 August 2012

Drinking on a school night should be banned!

Last night I went out for a work dinner. It was supposed to just be a quiet dinner and a relatively early night. Not so much. I ended up getting in about 1 in the morning, pretty drunk and high on life.

I was high on life until I woke up this morning and felt like something had died in my mouth and remembered I had to go to work! Life sucks. L

I have pretty much spent all day feeling sorry for myself refusing to work and watching the clock counting down the hours till I can crawl back into my bed!

I have however come across the funniest website I have seen in a long time and just had to share it with you

Anyone with a dog or has had a dog is going to appreciate each and every single one of these!

So the weekend is here. Tomorrow I have my big singing debut followed by a night of TV watching and dinner at my sisters. Sunday I am off to a festival for the day so will pretty much be drinking, listening to hopefully some good music all whilst trying to avoid the rain.

Monday I shall sleep. All day long! J

Have a great weekend guys


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